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Chartered Professional Accountants, Chartered Accountants

Woods & Company is a firm of dedicated and experienced Chartered Professional Accountants committed to excellence in the provision of professional financial services. Since the establishment of our firm in 1975, we at Woods & Company take pride in our record and reputation for serving Alberta businesses. Our approach focuses on maintaining genuine interest in our clients and developing new services and approaches to meet their future requirements and challenges. This combination of personal, on-going involvement by our partners, with the ability to respond effectively to our clients' needs, has created an environment for strong growth. The growth and success of Woods & Company has been based on its ability to meet the needs of clients and, accordingly, the firm is proud of its ability to provide professional and expert service in the core areas generally expected of Chartered Professional Accountants as well as the ever changing specialized areas. The partners of Woods & Company are all members of the Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants of Alberta. We are dedicated to the practice of public accounting and to our community.